MEANING OF THE JEWELS IN BIJOU. “Each one tells a story”.

PEARL: Gemini birthstone. 1st, 12th and 30th Wedding Anniversary jewel. Symbolism: Loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. Modesty, chastity and purity. “Teardrops of the Moon”.

TOPAZ: Scorpio birthstone. 4th, and 19th Wedding Anniversary jewel. Symbolism: Constancy,loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. Strength, releasing tension and balancing emotions. “La Belle Topaze”.

EMERALD: Taurus birthstone. 20th, 35th and 55th Wedding Anniversary jewel. Symbolism: Loyalty, Faithfulness and friendship. Memory, clairvoyance and faith. “The stone of faith”.

RUBY: Cancer birthstone. 40th Wedding Anniversary jewel. Symbolism: Devotion, integrity, courage and happiness. Vitality, confidence and strength. Used to enhance energy, generosity and to bring success. “They call me Rubis, the gem of love”.

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